Saturday, May 25, 2013


trial pack: RM 23.90 - containing cleanser, toner and moisturizer

pernah dengar tentang produk simple? jarang? tak pernah?produk ni insyaallah efektif untuk kulit berminyak dan kulit sensitif.. produk ni da lama jgk ad kat watson... tapi mayb orang tak pandang sebab dia simple kan... :-p..tp suprisingly, bila saya buat research (ecewahh) kat internet, ramai yang suggest dua product ni , simple and clinique... ad jugak yang mention other few products tapi yang banyak bagi feedback positive, these two..

saya pilih simple. y? simple reason, murah and works. kalau tak works pun, its still cheap and tak rasa rugi sangat. even clinique pun ada yang bagi feedback negatif tp just 1%. tapi yang lain, mmg positif. tapi disbbkn arga dia more pricey n i thought, lets give a try to the cheaper first, if its nt working, i'll definitely proceed with clinique..

so, what is the outcome? after one month consuming the SIMPLE, i quite.... yeah..like it.. i love everything about it, from the cleanser to the moisturizer...

well, despite my pimples are still there, but they totally decrease in number and size.... after consuming it for a month, i feel my face is less oily, the skin is more healthy which means its neither dry nor oily..its just moist... i used to have these small 'biji' on my forehead i didnt know exactly why and when it appeared. but it was said that it happned due to using unsuitable product and yes...it was when i have neutrogena deep clean cleanser (which also said a good cleanser for oily skin-but i guess not for me obviously)

i kind of bored because it seems like it didn't do anything for my skin.. i waited for the major effect to happen like when is my face going to be damn flawless! hahah.. i guess it wouldnt happen..because beauty doesnt come in instant. they take time..( unless if u r born with it) hehe.. just then i realised that there were less pimples and oil.. maybe because i was focusing too much on the flawless effect, i didnt give a damn about those small things that come before flawless.hahaha...

but!!! i think cleaser, toner and moisturizer are not enough if u want that flawless look. u need more, serum, sunblock, spot corrector... u need to work on your pore, you complexion, wrinkles and so many onn!!!!!!!!! (aaaaaarrgghh) then i realised should i give clinique a try because its more convincing... just because... welll.. its clinique... like..its skII.. hehehe.. but still, we never know..... so, for now, maybe i'll just stay with SIMPLE. if u wish to improve your skin, lets start with the basic-cleanser, toner and moisturizer. then, add sunblock, then add spot corrector. i think those 5 are the essentials but its just my opinion. do it step by step..


 i like to read this blog cause it provides so much information on beauty and skin care. u can find the suggested products for different type of skin and other things. so, go and check out girls! paula's choice

if u have oily or combination skin, use gel cleanser and light moisturizer.. why?? read the blog above..hehhe..

and please be concerned about the cleanlines like regularly wash your hands, avoid touching your face with bare fingers/ hands, always cut your nails short, use the oil strip/film to remove the excessive oil regularly (believe me, insyaallah it works) n smileee..;-)!!

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