Monday, June 11, 2012


i have been using this bb cream for about 2 months. before i use bb cream from this brand, i had been using etude house bb cream but it made my face very oily with and without makeup.

its the blue one. (u can see the purple bottle also shows bb cream but i never see or try. but my guess, it is not for sensitive skin..)

price: can't remember but below than RM 30
rating: 5 STARS

i just bought the bb cream from watson because i forgot to bring the etude house bb cream when i went home for the holiday. so since my face is has no flawless skin, i cant go out confidently without foundation or bb cream.yes, pathetic me. so, when i went in the store, i was looking for simplisity bb ceam but the promoter was so surprised with my choice as she said this product is not suitable for ur acne skin. (DAMN U PROMOTER) hehe.. but still, i asked what would she suggest for me. tadaaa.. she said revlon or pure bauty has somthing for sensitive skin.

RESULT: honestly, it is amazing. on my first day trying this bb cream, I had asked my friend what did she think me wearing the bb cream. her asnwer was, my face looked less oily n  i didnt look like wearing a thick of cream or powder.. damn! all this time i obviously looked like a tepung goma makcik!

so, i immediately stop using the etude house bb cream n still using the pure beuatys'. but what distract me a bit is my face has these small fruit. n i m not sure if its because of the bb cream or my other skin care regimen. its just at small area of my face n i have been told that the problem was because of unsuitable product. so, maybe im gonna stop for awhile to see the result n i'll let u know. but the rest, the bb cream is superb. less oily, less thick (but it wont cover the scar an d spot so well as it is less thick).

very reasonable price
small packaging
help to reduce the appearance of pores
oily free
not so thick
manaufacturing date is on the package
product of korea (if u want to but a bb cream, advise u to find something from korea)

so, for a person who has not serious acne/ scar problem, u can try this.

in case if u r a person who like to read about skin care review, do visit this blog as it provide many useful tips. iamluckytohaveyo

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