Sunday, June 16, 2013


im not the best person to talk about this but i want to share what i believe.

today, is again about skin care. im comfortable talking about this although i know, i didnt have the most perfect skin in the world. but i've tried quite many products so,i think its good to share how they worked on me. for those who not know, i have sensitive skin, pimples, large pores and other skin problems. (it might due to the usage of so many different products.ahaks.) but i have found the best one (so far) that works well with sensitive skin. read here if u miss the post.

so enough with the intro. today, its going to be about warm water. not for drinking but to wash.. our faces.
what i usually did was:

1. switch on the hot shower and adjust the temperature.
2. take the shower head and let the water flow on my face.
3. dont rub or clean the face with your hands while doing step 3. this to avoid any bacteria transfered from hands to the face. (my belief)
4. the reason for me to wash with warm water is i believe i need to kill the bacterias that cause the pimples. (my belief).so, its advisable to let the water flow just at the pimples area. we dont want to large pores at other areas.
5. please bare in mind,
    *not to wash with hot water, it must be warm. we do not want to cause any irritation. (my belief)
    *dont wash for long, just about 30 seconds. same reason as number 1.
6. after 30 seconds, i will immediately wash my face with cleanser. n rinse.
7. after my face has dried naturally, i will put some moisturizer as my skin might feel  hot and dry. (my belief)

as you can see, i have stated 'my belief' at some points, yeap..its not based on facts but my belief. dont laugh. i know im being childish here. but i often heard old people say , owh.. cucila muka ngan air suam... to decrease pimples. so i have made my own steps of washing face with warm water based on my belief. but i think it helped especially when i felt my face was full or dirt after going out the whole day, or i accidentally squeezed the pimple or rubbed the skin with bare hand (please believe, it was an accident), i'll immediately go to the toilet and wash with warm water.

so, i hope it will help you a bit. start with bismillah (for muslims) and have faith.;-)

p/s: dont do it often as I BELIEVE it can cause dryness to the skin. just do it once a week or when you feel dirty. no, i mean, the face.hehehhe..

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