Thursday, January 17, 2013

Affordable and Worth it Make up Products


i believe every woman has desire to look beautiful especially in front of their loved ones.. so what is you basic make up routine..? what would you apply on your face when you go out? do u always put the foundation?would always wear the mascara no matter where you go? lets share with me.. and what is your favorite make up product?

so, im going to share what are my fovourites which i think worth it and affordable.. very affordable coz im not that rich to buy the branded stuff..

so this is my make up bag, as u can see, i just throw everything into the bag.. hahaha... the bag was made from my torn jeans...i sent it to my junior to turn it into a small bag and i love the pink-white polkadot in the inside..

ok, so let me start with what i wear for everyday..its going to be lip balm, lip stick, eye liner and compact powder...

i dun have any favourite lip balm but im currently using one from body shop that costs only Rm 20... (if im nt mistaken) but im sure its not over than that.. i'll b using lip balm just to moisturize my lips,so whenever i feel like to put it, i'll just grab it my bag pocket and applyyy... mmmuuaahhh (automatically mmuaaah like i can feel the moist.. blahh)

the next one is lipstick.. this is my addiction..  i have this interest in trying lipstick in the drugstore..(especially watson.. u know.. watson is heaven for girls).. my fav woould be from body shop too.. there are two types of lipsticks available there, one that doesnt contain shimmer and another one does.. both of them are prettayy n its quite lasting.. so, try... it cost about rm 40 but for me its worth it coz the colour, and how it looks after apllying on the lips is just nice...

another fav lipstick would be from the face shop.. i cant remmmber the price but i think its about rm 30....if from body shop i would prefer pink/purple, the face shop has great orange-red..

n recntly,i just bought something from silky girl n the price is super duper cheap which was about rm 16 and guess what??itsss pinkkkk!!!! i loveeee it very muchh!! weehu...

and for the eye liner,i prefer the one that can roll up and down than the pencil one...  i  have two-black and brown master liners from maybelline its just rm 15 each.. but i also have shimmery blue and purple from the face shop to apply normally at night for dramatic effect maybe? hahahahhaha...

and for the compact powder, last time i have miyami in my fav list but since i would like to try something new, i have purchased ronasutra that costs about rm 50 and i cant say much about this,, i dont like very much neither hate it..its just so-so coz it doest have good coverage on my face or maybe its just me who dont know how to apply well???? share with me if you have the tips...

so,thats all for my routine... other than basic one, i also have bb cream from etude house, argan and pure beauty... but my fav would be from pure beauty because it blends very well with my skin and if u havent read my review about it in the previous entry, you can click here to view it..

i also have eye shadows from silky girl and maybelline, blusher from za, mascara from maybelline..and.. owh.. thats all in my make up pouch.. see, i have very little makeup stuff yet they are afordable...i like them as they are the best for me so far...

so, next time maybe i will share what is the best bb cream for me, my least fav make up and..otherrrss..
so, please share with me if u have great make up stuff, worth it and..any tips...see ya! assalamualaikum.....

p/s: credit to google for all the pictures..

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